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About NW Connect

About NW Alternative Education

NW Connect started as Northwest Alternative High School in 1985.  NWAHS was a nurturing opportunity for young teen aged students to earn credits toward their graduation.  The students often had struggles outside of school that made school difficult.  The smaller setting and more individualized curriculum made it easier for these students to be successful.  As time went on NWAHS added an online element, Edgenuity or E-2020.  This allowed students to work at their own pace any time they wanted. NWAHS had two choices: a day time program with in person teachers or an online program with teacher support when it was needed.  In 2020 everything changed because of the COVID 19 pandemic.  NWAHS was given the opportunity to reinvent itself as a school that embraces the needs of our community.  Students have the chance to earn a Northwest High School diploma along with certifications and/or college credits.  Renaming our school to Northwest Connect represents what we do!   

NW Connect is a hybrid school offering English, Math, as well as classes from our outside partners: Youth Build, Michigan Works, and Junior Achievement in an in-person setting.  NWC also utilizes the Jackson Area Career Center and Jackson College opportunities.  Students at NWC will come to in-person classes two days a week and do virtual activities three days a week.  This educational model allows for the structure that students need to be successful as well as the flexibility that some students need.  There is no typical student at NWC; each student comes with their own personal reasons and needs for a different educational setting.

The goal for NWC is two-fold.  The first is to graduate and the second, and more important, is to make a solid plan for our students' future.  In 2021 91% of our students graduated with credentials and/or solid next steps for post graduate education or employment within two months of graduation.  This is why NWAHS has changed to Northwest Connect.  The ability to CONNECT students to opportunities that help shape their future is one of the most important and powerful  ways to motivate students to the goal of graduation.